Indeed a lie 

If in a fantasy we were to survive, the colors of the clouds would’ve been different. Tears would’ve been of joy. Cities would’ve been crowded. If in a fantasy, we were to live. 

Love ,a fantasy, indeed a lie, why do we still need it? A fabrication to overcome our fear of loneliness. Cheated by words and healed by the same words again and again till we reach the point of denial. 

Vows, broken words, in fact the face of our invention. Written all over us till the day we find another path to bleed on. 

Every day we die in silence, covering the parts that we left incomplete. A four letter word “hope”, as a reminder for waiting for that one last closure to decease the memories of what we called a part of our lives. No matter how many chains we break, they remain eternal. 

Just to breath we create a mnemonic to save us from extinction and what we were and what we are in the memories that we hold. 

After several trials in my court of mind, yesterday wasn’t the day I forget you. Today had nothing different than yesterday. And tomorrow isn’t the day I forgive you. 


Miss you 

If I was to be honest, 

I can’t deny the fact that I’m loving it here in this beautiful city, 

I always imagined us together here, 

But that’s how life is, 

Now I only hear your name in the echoes that exist in my head and in the silences that I experience every day, 

Even in the most busy moments and exciting times, 

I take a moment to breath and bring your thoughts to life, 

As I walk through these stores, images of me shopping for you are refreshed. 

I miss you very much, but I guess I always will. 

No matter what every corner of the world I go to. 

I’ll always have you at the back of my mind, 

As I have loved you with all my heart and soul, I have nothing left for anyone else,

I can never feel the same for any other human being.

You truly were my life and my strength, some part of me agrees that you still are. 

I guess that’s how love works at times, 

A destruction that you never wanted but was simply gifted to your plate, 

As of this day we are miles apart from each other, 

Unaware of one another, 

Every inch of you is alive in my memories and in my heartache. 


Walking through this busy city, 

I see tall and old buildings, 

Structures that were built long before my existence, 

Rotting old bricks, 

A beauty within the color that has faded, 

As I walk pass through them i see them looking down at me, 

Every brick with a story of its own, 

Skeletons walking down the stream, 

Each one of us so occupied that we don’t even look at them for th tales they have to share. 

Even I’m unaware of the belongings and the surroundings, 

As the sun goes down and the moon comes up,

Tearing the clouds and sharing its light, 

We see these buildings lighting up,

Almost as if they are all smiling at us, 


The beauty of these buildings in that moments is something that cannot be described in words, 

It can only be felt.

For among the millions they stand alone. 

Sometimes I want to sit there and stare at them,

Ask them questions about their existence, 

Even though the echoes and silences is the only answer I’ll get from them. 

I still have a wish to sit with them and talk. 

For they are the ones who’ve seen more than us. 

A sinking heart

A heart that sinks even now, 

Surely there’s something still alive, 

Feeding itself on something unwanted, 

With no future to hold, 

No destiny to bestow, 

Drowning but floating for as long as it can, 

Hopes that never shatter, 

Waiting for those shadows to fade away, 

When the nights are over, 

There will be a new light, 

Don’t be so sure yet, 

As the world you live and built will collide,

Until you form a new one. 

Different but not wrong 

You and me, 

We’re not wrong, 

We’re just different now, 

Our beliefs have changed, 

Our trusts have dissolved, 

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same for you, 

I still do, 

You can blame me for everything if you like, 

I’d be happy to accept all that disturbs you, 

Even though I’ve done nothing but care for you, 

But that’s my religion, 

That’s my thought of chain,

You can believe whatever that satisfies your emotions, 

I would never hold you responsible for feelings things, 

As I know that you are as beautiful inside as you are from the outside, 

For what I know of you, 

You need not worry about that. 

I’ve kept those secrets with me, 

And I plan to keep them forever and ever. 

They will never be mentioned, 

Yes I still feel them and think about that but that doesn’t give me any right to bring those words out. 

And mind you, 

I don’t.

But I don’t have any complaints from you, 

You wanted a better life, 

I’m sure you have one now. 

Happy and smiling, 

Like you deserve it. 

You’re not meant to be kept in a nest. 

You are the will to free, 

You are what shines the brightest up in the sky. 

I hope to see you there, 

Or at least that’s what I always look for. 

Keep smiling and head up mera beta. 

She was but not anymore

She was a heart full of joy

A stream of love and purity

A cold breeze for a sunny day

A shadow for the bright lights,

Precious as a rare stone in a desert,

She was everything that a heart can ask for,

beautiful to touch,

charismatic to every soul around,

A smile to die for,

She was like a beautiful painting in a museum that you can stare at for hours,

but never claim,

she is there,

so are we,

she was once mine,

but now she’s not.

i still owe my everything to her.

always will.



Most Beautiful

I’ve always described you as the most beautiful part of my life. I never really got a chance to explain myself the beauty of it and you.

I’ve tried on every single dark night, but somehow I always fail to gather the words. Memories have always been alive and to be fair I’ve been counting them everyday, even the bad ones. Some days they’re beautiful and some days they’re just a pinch that jerks the whole body to your soul. Overall a feeling you can’t compare with anything.

Now that I’m finally out there on my own and without you and your words. The only person who knows me now is me and no one else. There’s a better judgement of everything and I can proudly say once again that I’ve never met anyone like you and probably never will. Nothing to do with my love for you. But generally as a person too. You truly are one of the greatest power I’ve ever seen, someone who can turn around anything in this world. Your Smile can do wonders that you do not know of.

Stay beautiful, and stay blessed, and keep smiling forever and ever. May all be with you. now and till the end of times. I love you to bits.

Every single day 

For the longest time I’ve been fighting with myself

A never ending war for someone 

Someone who doesn’t want me

Maybe I’m not suppose to exist in their life 

Wishing there was a stop button to end it all 

The misery that I live in every single day 

Thoughts that I carry with every memory of us 

It will never be true and it will never be enough 

It was a fantasy that I lived 

Hoping it will happen again but it never will

For you and me are apart now 

More than forever 

You have you and I have you 

Caught up in my moments to the extent 

That I don’t need you now anymore 

I live with what you left me with 

I cherish them every night

Smile at whatever I remember 

Cry at whatever I feel

Curse at whatever hurts

A battle that I fight for myself with myself 

Every single day 

Music that still haunts me 

It might never end 

I might never recover 

But I’ll always love you sweetheart 

As I have I’ve never loved someone so deeply 

Keep me alive in a corner of your heart 

And I shall die peacefully in my misery