I never imagined myself writing, i never imagined talking to myself on papers and computer screens. I never imagined writing my heart out like this. Some might think it helps, well, all i can i say is that i am only trying to make it work and see if it helps me. So far it’s not.

Words are beautiful and are never enough, because in the end they are only words. People also believe words can do magic, I don’t. You might be able to forget what has been done but words always stay there, they remind you that how all done that has been done were just words, beautiful words as they say.

I’m not going to lie, i believed in words more than anyone. For me my words were louder than my actions maybe that’s why my words did not have any value in the end. I sit here and write when i know that i am not good with words, Who am i to write? No-one. I don’t have fancy words to entertain you, i don’t have magical words to change the world and most of all i don’t have words to explain the storm within me. Though i know words don’t mean anything to you but i still wish that i had the words.

I kind of understand that because I’ve always been the illiterate one, but what happened to you? You were smart enough and educated enough and powerful enough to follow your words and all the things you said to me. What went wrong with your words? Were they just lies? Wait! don’t answer, i know the answer but i still don’t want to know the answer.

Human nature is funny, i mean look at me. I know that all you said to me a few months ago were just words you did not mean. All the promises you made of loving me till the end and fighting for me, no matter what and being only mine. All those times when you told me that you are never going to let go of me because you can never love anyone like me. They were all just words. yet, i still sit here believing in each and every one of those words because they are the only thing that’s keeping me alive. They are the only thing that has given me hope of something larger than this life but you wouldn’t know because for you they were just words.


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