She, they and then them. 

She was never mine to claim, 

She was just another creation of God, 

She was just what she is right now. 

They were all words to her, 

They were all that I had, 

They were just the world that I existed in.
She’s just another distraction, 

She’s just another humiliation of feeling alive, 

She’s just another memory waiting to fade.
They had the essence of love in them, 

They had to surrender, 

They had to give up what was once, 
She waited till it all came down, 

She waited for the light to reject her, 

She waited for the drops to fall. 
They gave shafts to the pitiless, 

They gave what was left in them, 

They gave what others desired. 
She came like a shooting star, 

She came from within a storm, 

She came down like a shattered glass. 
They ended up like a forgotten faith. 
She ended up rejuvenating. 
Something forgotten between the lines of this world. 

Something forgotten to fulfill the needs of this hopeless ground we call “the world”. 


What we..

What we bleed is just the flow of darkness,What we feel is just what lies beneath the skin,

What we smell is just the aroma of failure, 

What we touch is just the flesh without soul, 

What we need is just beyond apprehension, 

What we connect to is just a perpetual gap,

What we witness is just another incontrovertible perception. 

What we write is just divergence between contention and motility.


There’s a lot that I need and a lot that I think. 

What’s the difference? 

The needs are different from the thoughts. They’re the separate entities and should be treated like it. Sometimes people like me forget that, we forget to differentiate between the two. Some face the difficulty to overthink and some face the need to overthink. The confusion lies within, either way we overthink. 

Nobody is privileged, it’s just how we see things for others and for ourselves. But who am I to talk about others? I can barely talk about myself. 

They say it’s hard to talk about others and one should know how to talk about themselves, what they fail to understand is that it’s always easy to point out flaws in others but when you have to look deep inside of you, you see darkness and it’s hard to extract the flaws from there. We always find it hard to identify the mistakes that we’ve made. For instance, I may have claimed a million times that I always accept my mistakes and look in to everything with different eyes, there are only two ends to that story: either I’m completely wrong or I’m completely right , depending on what I can convince myself on. Where did the need to know what others thought go? 

Has it become so natural that we have to think what people will approve, accept and think? Why can’t it all be for us. By us I generally mean everyone not me and her. I’d definitely represent that in capital. 

I’ve tried becoming that people’s man for quite sometime now, and you know what I’ve never felt this hopeless in my life. I don’t know if faith in people is better than hope from people. I guess I’ll never know that, every other person will have the tendency to change that for me. Nothing and no one to blame because every humain being is carrying their own nature, some dark, some enlightening, some relaxing, anxious and it goes on. 

This post was pointless, me trying to make something out of nothing. Just because the urge of writing here was needed. Didn’t fulfill anything or did not help with anything. But just made sense at that time. Consider yourself sensible. 


A valentines request to an ex. 

I know you have like a 75 lovers out there, and some maybe really nice and cool too and stand out to you. I’m someone far away and not noticeable to you anymore. But I still have it in me to ask you a question and you can feel free to decline my offer.I know it’s probably a bad idea for you but not for me because I can’t help it, my soul fell in love with yours, 

But what to do it only knows that there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to you, the presence that is felt through a hand held, a voice heard, or a smile seen.

My soul does not have calendars or clocks, nor does it understand the notion of time or distance, it only knows that it feels right to be with you or near you. 

There is a sunshine in your smile, somewhere, somehow, we are all made of stardust, your heartbeat echoes this earth, you are enough and you are so much more. 

All this just to ask you if you’ll be my valentine this February? And share a day with me. I won’t be there to complete it all, and trust me I don’t even want to be the one to complete it because I know that’s yours to do on your own. I just want to sit beside you like a shadow and witness how you see it all. 

Sorry for asking a little early, I just didn’t wanna risk the slight chances that I have for later 😀