She, they and then them. 

She was never mine to claim, 

She was just another creation of God, 

She was just what she is right now. 

They were all words to her, 

They were all that I had, 

They were just the world that I existed in.
She’s just another distraction, 

She’s just another humiliation of feeling alive, 

She’s just another memory waiting to fade.
They had the essence of love in them, 

They had to surrender, 

They had to give up what was once, 
She waited till it all came down, 

She waited for the light to reject her, 

She waited for the drops to fall. 
They gave shafts to the pitiless, 

They gave what was left in them, 

They gave what others desired. 
She came like a shooting star, 

She came from within a storm, 

She came down like a shattered glass. 
They ended up like a forgotten faith. 
She ended up rejuvenating. 
Something forgotten between the lines of this world. 

Something forgotten to fulfill the needs of this hopeless ground we call “the world”. 


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