Visions of creations

Names were written in sand, Washed away with water, 

They lasted in the land,

But disappeared in the water. 

Stars were connected with the Rays, 

Light was dispersed for vision, 

Faded away with another light, 

The sun rose and claimed the light, 

Shelters were created by the leaves,

Shadows that once protected light, 

Winds change and leaves scatter, 

Log stood still, saw it all. 

Witnessed the movement of several, 

The creation of the creation, 

Roads stood dark,

As they all moved forward. 

Time changed,

Clocks moved, 

Dates changed, 

But the man in black stayed the same. 

Walks remembered, 

Every touch still felt, 

Promises broken,

But the woman in colors changed. 


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