We all need someone to confide, 

Sometimes we try really hard to find that person, within that search we forget to see ourself as the best candidate, and there are somethings in life that don’t need finding, if it’s yours then it’ll come to find you. 

My struggle has always continued, I’ve met a countless number of people and to be honest I’ve been confident about most of them. Some because my gut feeling has been strong about them and some because I don’t know. 

I didn’t realize it till early this year, that why and how things change when you confide in someone. I know people out there know it better than me and have had a lot experiences but I’m just gonna talk about myself and what I think. 

When you start confiding in someone, you kind of start believing in them and their words. Expectations rise as you start opening up. That’s when you realize that nobody can reach up to your standard of expectations. Life has become pretty hard and fast and there’s less hope, but in this race we forget what others mean to us. We might claim that we are nothing like that but the truth is each and everyone of us is the same. 


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