Just a name.

Stood under the palm tree, Strangling the thought of her,

Questioning the left self existence,

Reasoning with letters and numbers, 

Claiming the non cultured wonders, 

Extracting the relevancy out of all, 
Finding answers to unknown questions, 

A quest that was never there, 

Reasons beyond approach, 

Thoughts created in the lightless hour, 

Memories that will last a lifetime. 
Walking through the path, 

Trying to make sense out of stones, 

Leaves with no story written on them, 

Footprints of the unfollowed, 

Voices that weren’t heard. 
Wandered attention,

There was no tale to tell, 

There were no words to remember,

There was nothing existing.
Just a name,

That brought back everything,

Reminded of everything, 

Memories he thought were faded.
Just a name, 

Reminded him, 

What he is,

What they were,

What he is. 
Just a name, 

An alarm, 

You can forget the world,

You can forget the existence, 

But the part of you stays


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