What we see and believe 

As he stood under the moonlight, 

He saw flashbacks of what was not his, 

He saw the forgotten moments, 

Memories erased. 
Changing the world for him, 

The ground he stood on stumbled, 

The winds he once knew became strangers, 

Dark thoughts. 
He touched his face, 

Pieces were missing, 

Nothing that he knew Before, 

Nothing he had seen before, 

Missing chunks of his own. 
Remembering the nights, 

Nights that reminded, 

Nights that shivered, 

Nights that ruptured. 

Nights he had survived. 
Looking at the sky, 

Clouds he once thought were there for him, 

Brightest star was his shine, 

Thought his world was in his grip, 

He was never a part of what he called his world. 


As he stood there, 

He saw everything pass by,

He saw every moment, 

He thought he didn’t see himself, 

But the only thing he saw was 



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