Somehow you’ll know

The world has lost its light, 

We have lost our colors. 
Dreams have become darker, 

Satisfaction has become impossible. 
We sit apart and wonder, 

What has become of us. 

Faces have faded, 

Memories remain. 
Existence is lost, 

Thoughts still felt. 
We trap us in a container of walls, 

Light finds its way in. 
Moments are long gone, 

Footprints be left. 
Bodies depart, 

Souls stay intact. 
We still look at each other, 

Reminding the flaws within us. 
Hand craves the other, 

The lock remains unlocked. 
Every passage becomes a trophy, 

Escorts change. 
We maybe apart,

But we are a part. 
We maybe different, 

But always the same. 

We may not be together, 



Any day, 

Parts will always remind us of what we were. 


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