Why is that we always fall for someone who we know is trouble. 
Somehow only that makes sense. 
Sense of that miracle to happen with the troubles. 
Assuming that the world we made is attached with our strings. 
Life isn’t that complicated, it’s the people who make it complicated. 
It’s also the people who make it interesting. 
We’ve all assumed a life that is perfect and stable. 
But hey, where’s the fun in that? 
It’s in our nature that someday when we have stability we’d probably be sick of that too. 
Adventures and people are what make lives. 
People come and go but they teach you a lot. 
Some might leave smiles and some might leave endless scars. 
Sooner or later they do become memories. 
In the end it’s all your decision how you want to keep these memories. 
Not mine. 


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