Who knows 

I see broken people, everywhere. 

I never saw as many before. Times changed. People were considerate back then. 

I’m not that old to say that, but still the world I knew back then was different where you could only recognize happy faces and smiles. Now I just notice the sadness and darkness in a person. 

I guess it’s the self centered world. You see in people only what you see in yourself. You always heal from something and then the other part comes. You just try to find someone with the same sadness and darkness that you have inside of you. Unconsciously you just try to find a companion to sympathize to yourself through them and say the things you wish somebody had said to you when you really wanted to hear them. 

I’m no expert at this but I think that life has thrown a lot in my plate to see my face. It’s not that my life is over or something. It’s just that every person goes through a lot but nobody can actually feel what you feel in that moment and at that time. 

Making sense out of people is getting harder, with time you feel like you’re getting wiser but you’re only getting a little selfish that why you see things for yourself and not for others. I know there’s a whole new argument on this one but I’d rather not get into it. Maybe you’ll understand this after years. Or maybe I’ll be against my own statement.

Who knows? Let’s just wait and experience that too. 


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