Easy way 

Woke up with a fear in my heart, wanting to talk someone and even started looking around and the only person i found was me. So, i started talking to myself,explained a lot of stuff to myself.

Would it have been the same if she was honest to me that she just doesnt want to be with me, rather then lying to me and telling me that she wants to be single and it wont work out? i dont mind giving you that space if you really wanted that space for yourself but i do mind you saying those words to me and then going to the same routine of cheating behind my back. We have known each other long enough to be honest and i could have handled the truth much better than the lies you told me.

I’m not a fucking kid who cant figure this shit out and tell if you’re being honest or not.

You said you have tried everything and it doesnt seem to work out. To be honest that is lie too, you never really tried, no matter how much you think you tried, you never did. You always wanted this to happen, you were always out there looking for distractions and replacements and back up plans. if you were actually trying then in these four years you would have never done these things to hurt me. Nothing works out by doing these things, if you really did try then you wouldn’t have fallen for any other men in these four years, but you fell for four guys in four years. You always make things work and if you really want something than you never stop trying but sweetheart you were never trying to achieve anything here, you were always looking for a way out and a comfortable one. for you this process of cheating has always been the easiest way out.


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