Their level of perception 

Some might not understand what you say, Some might not feel what you express, 
There comes a time when you get tired, 

Explaining becomes harder, 

Expectations raised, 

People only understand with their level of perception, 

They can only give to some extent. 
It won’t be long before you’re just a memory. 

The existence that once represented you will fly way. 

The words about you, the ones that moved you. Long gone. 
We believe in history as a strong a part of future, 

It only acts for our flaws. 

Something to learn from, 

Something to move forward, 

With the burdened shoulders. 
We carry the weight of our mistakes, 

As we hold on to them, 

Letting go was never an option. 

Why should we? 

They’re something that we created. 
Every mistake, every flaw,

Kept alive, 

Just to remind what not to repeat. 
We don’t see people who are miles away, 

But the flaw in their existence put one in mind, 
I’ve seen people separate, 

I’ve seen them become lovers, 

And then strangers. 

I’ve seen myself becoming that stranger. 
Followed by the events, 

Darkest nights, 

Lonely nights, 

Helpless hours. 
Where do they get us? 

Every path may not lead to them, 

But every track is ours to follow, 

We might not be the destination, 

But we were always the smooth layer of your path. 
Some might claim that they were a part of my journey, 

Some might explain that they were never meant to be on that road. 

Some might feel that they got left behind along these stony steps. 
It’s all about perception when it comes to that. 

You’re the one who walked those miles with them, 

You’re the one who saw them move miles away, 

You’re the one who felt the anger when they left, 

You’re the one who buried the tears just so they could smile. 
The perception of you, 

The thought of you, 

The expressing of you. 
That’s what you feel. 

And that’s what matters.


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