I wish for you to be happy, I hope to see the light that lies within. 
In my False thoughts, 

Voices echo, 



my broken world of words, 

I repeat, 
I may forget you, 

Tears might stop someday, 

Pain shall survive, 
Will never forget the scars, 

Existence of you can disappear, 

But the thought of pain caused, 

I hope to see you nourish, 

In your world, 

With your colors, 

Carrying that beautiful smile of yours, 

Wandering massive eyes, 

Forgotten what was with me, 

But the hope that brought us together, 

Will also remind you of me. 
Beauty of the world still undiscovered, 

Something we all desire, 

The quest shall continue, 

Till I find myself, 

To the day when I rest in peace. 
Wishing good for you has always been a habit, 

Condolences have been a part, 

You have taught me well, 

I never needed another demon. 
A split of me wants to conquer,

The other wants to survive.
Somewhere along the battle of my worlds, 

I’ve forgotten where I belong, 

With me, 

With myself. 
once differentiated me from myself, 

Either faded, 

Or evolved. 
In those thoughts I fight, 

Win or lose, 

It takes a part of me. 
Easy for you to resemble, 

While i still try to assemble myself. 
As the artificial world tells, 

You might forget the person,

But you’ll never forget the journey that brought you here.  


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