Fading marks 

How easy it is for some people, 
Living in the world that exists, 

Forgetting what the past was, 

Ignoring the life that was once a known destiny. 
Shadows that once led us, 

Disappeared in the new light. 
They had a story within themselves, 

A tale of two people,

Nowhere to go, 

No one to face. 
Then came a day when they faced one another,

He became her home, 

She became his, 

All bonds that tied together,

For they thought it was forever. 
They shared the bed of flowers, 

Thoughts of two souls combined, 

In those warm breaths they found peace, 

He marked her body and claimed every part of her, 

She smiled with her eyes closed. 
For in that moment, 

Kisses were the world,

Hands held were locks. 


As the lay together, 

Marked to one another, 

His eyes locked on her, 

Something he had never seen or experienced before, 

He found his world, 

His whole life. 
She looked at the stars, 

A limitless world, 

Hopes that never end, 

An unknown price, 

She found her universe, 

A life that stays. 

Beneath the thin air of this world, 

They forgot what lies ahead, 

The greed of more, 

The pain of thoughts,

The lust of better, 

The smell of ambition. 
Marks disappeared, 

Moments of love,

As meaningful as they once were, 

Are nothing but, 

Just a few words in history now, 

A past of a journey. 
She moved towards what she saw that night, 

While he stayed with what he saw. 
Still laying there, 

Hoping for that one chance, 

To see her see the world, 

While he stares at his world fading away. 
A day like that may never come, 

It was never enough, 

In the end,

Hope is all we’ve got. 



Chills of thoughts run their course, 

As the white scented paper turns into ash

Leaving with nothing but a blurred vision, 

A pattern Of disappearance we’re

Haunting kisses

Your kisses still haunt me, 

The thought of your lips against mine. 

Your closed eyes and mine wide open to stare. 

Your hands burying on my back, 

My hands getting a grip of your neck. 

Relentless moments I’ll never forget. 

Every day I struggle to break those chains.

Sometimes I forget the reason why we’re apart. 

The memories of your kisses remain, 

I’d rather rather die in the hands of my effort, than live as nothing to you.