She is..

She is a year ago. She is the darkness from light. 

The first decision and the last regret.

She is a world that laid beside you,

Warm and familiar, stretching to the horizon. 

Never have you managed to witness such love, Never have you loved someone like you loved her. 

She is your first kiss, 

Your first touch, 

Your true colors in grey. 

A storm that surrounds you with her memories. 

She is your weakness in strength, 

Your first panic attack and your shoulder to look up to. 

You love her. You do. You do. 

In those anxious nights and calm mornings she is the first foot to leave the bed. 

She is the very battle you fought with yourself, 

She is the winning when you lose. 

Nights of tiredness and sadness. 

She is the weight attached to your chest. 

Overruled on your mind. 

She is what she is. 

Yet the best moment is her. 

You’ll always say it’s her. 


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