I dream again 

Sometimes I have dreams, Unconsciousness forced to beg,

Dreams of being on my knees. 
The rage trapped in my veins, 

The helpless structure of my bones, 

I kneel. 
Accepting the right as wrong, 

A storm in my heart, 

Suppressing what was left of hers. 
I dream of being in pain,

Felt like never before,

Caught as a slave of my thoughts, 

Destroying the remains of me. 
I dream and I dream 

Until I’ve tested all of me. 
A tremor that frightens, 

The never drying sweat, 

The dryness, 

Eyes wide open, 
As I walk to the mirror, 

I see nothing but myself, 

Raised questions but also answers.
The dreams that conquer,

The awareness of existence. 

The balance. 
Yet we all dream of fears. 


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