The conversation (pt 1) 

There comes a time in our life, when we find ourselves the most confused. 

Too less to move and too many places to go.

I found him when he was down on his knees, scared to his own reflection. My first conclusion of him was confusion. But there was something about him that denied all of this. 

Even on his knees I saw him struggling to get up. You can call it my optimism or my perception about people. I stood there for a while and stared at him.

He just kept looking down, his hand holding the other one so tight as if something was pulling him and he had to hold onto it to stay. For a minute I thought, the lonely soul didn’t have someone to hold so he kept it to himself. 

Out of cusiousity of my confusion, I offered my hand. He wasn’t bothered, didn’t even look up. Ofcourse he couldn’t see me. I don’t have a real existence. Just a voice in someone’s head. I figured, maybe I should try to talk to him and make a conversation first and then maybe I’ll walk him through this struggle and get him back to his feet. 

I whispered in his ear, do you want to get up little one? 

He finally looked up, gazed to his left and right and saw nothing and continued looking down. I might have seen a droplet of water falling from his eye to the floor. What a waste it was. 

I whispered again, “it’s okay you’re just talking to you.”

This time he didn’t look up, he just replied in a very low and subtle tone, “if i was talking to myself I would know.”

That poor kid didn’t even know how many others like me existed in that little brain of his, each with a different point of view and a different perception of things. All waiting for a moment when they can come out. 

I didn’t owe him any explanations to tell him what and where and how. So I ignored what he said and continued with my choice of words, 

“Me and you are very similar, the only difference is you’re the creator and I’m the creation” 

I don’t see the similarity there. Besides why would I create a monster to haunt myself at my weakest. Wouldn’t I be looking for something more firm? He replied. 


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