Continuation of self hunt 

Nothing to look forward to, But there’s too much to look back on. 
There are times when he feels lost, 

Times when he wants to be found. 
Sits in the dark, 

Hoping that the light will touch his face. 
The light that never turned back, 

In that darkness he saw more. 
More of what he lost.

In the silence of words. 

In the absence of his world. 
As his skin turns pale, 

He starts to remember those nights, 

Moments he thought were the end.
When his own shadows refused to follow, 

When his own thoughts ruled him. 

He turned to find them,

There was nothing to look back on. 
He takes a turn again, 

A different view appears, 

Nothing like before, 

Stranger than ever. 
Closes his eyes, 

Hoping to see the same old world, 

Same old people. 
Opens his eyes, 

No one to be known, 

Nothing to be found. 
Wondering in that silence, 

Mind still playing with a million thoughts, 

Bodies are just an illusion of desires. 
In that darkness, 

In that bit,

His world flipped a side, 

Yet the self hunt continues


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