Lost time 

Looking back time has always been hard, 

The moments, 

The lost smiles, 

The thoughts. 

Always haunting what it was 

And what it is. 

Nothing to do but to share a few, 

Just to describe the priceless moments with meaningless words. 

Consumed rejections that live long enough, 

Trembling nights that made you stronger, 

Stronger in the eyes of you. 

Broken into pieces but collected. 

A mask that lies, 

A smile that you practice for the world to see. 

Never to reveal the secret behind those bordered cheeks. 

They might not know you now, 

But one day they will see beyond the rainbows and butterflies, 

The grey scale will take cover someday. 

It will rain one day and take it all away from you. 

Helpless and hopeless as you stand today. 

You shall see the light again striking from within the dark clouds. 

Untouchable as it has always been for you. 

Always raise your hand to it, 

Because hope is all we’ve got. 

That’s what he said to her when there was nothing to hope for. 

Those were his words to her back then and now. 

He never believed in them, but he saw them as words that could change the tears into a broken smile. 

A emotion he could hold onto. 

You might end up holding on to 


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