Street 14 

I remember walking with you on the 14th street, When it was dark and cold, 

I remember saying something that didn’t make sense to any of us, 

The smile that you gave me approving of everything, 

I might not have a memory of my words of that night, 

Just a picture of you smiling in my mind, 

A smile I can never forget, 

Your pretty hair falling on your cheek and moving with the air, 

Annoying you, 

But perfectly waving, 

You eyes shining as you walk with me, 

Short of breath, 

But still aiming for what lies ahead, 

As always me trying to catch up, 

People wondering who these two are, 

My intentional habit of walking close to you just so my hand could touch yours, 

To feel the touch of your skin, 

One of the many ways to connect myself to you. 

My never ending tries to hold your hand through that street. 

Talking you into all kinds of conversations just to make you stay for a few more minutes. 

Hoping time would stop. 

It doesn’t for anyone. 

All we can do is capture them and keep them in a pocket of our mind. 

Reminding us how beautiful it was. 

How grateful it was to be with you. 
Trying to make another moment memorable with you. 
I know most of them have faded for you, 

For me they’re the key to survival, 

In my world, 

Where I have to live and move without you. 

My words always claimed that I’d die without you. 

But here I am,

Still breathing, 

Still counting minutes of missing you, 

Writing about all the memories,

I might fade away too someday but someone will know that how dear these moments were. 

Maybe not me but someone will find peace in them. 


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