I do

When will it stop? 
Waking up to your pictures, 

Losing the control over myself, 

Knowing that you’re with someone better, 

Maybe loved more than ever. 
Mine just a forgotten face to you, 

No harmony in listening to my name, 

The useless assumptions of mine,

Cutting through my veins, 

I still see your name. 
Dreaming of your existence, 

Nothing more to see,

Just your name,

Just your beauty. 
A face to live again for,

A hug to die for, 

A touch to revive all that I have lost. 
Weaker in this moment, 

And in every, 
Raising my hands to ask God if I can forget you, 

Your name in the prayer reminds me of you, 

Time after time, 

The pray is nothing but your happiness, 

The only thing I live for. 
These are all words of my sadness, 

I don’t know why I write, 

But I do.

I don’t know what I seek, 

But I do. 
Lived a moment just to say, 

I do. 

To see your face next to mine when I wake up, 

I do. 
As crazy as it is, 

You are his, 

And he is yours, 

I’m just a name, 

A memory of failure. 
Nothing but a lesson learnt from my name, 

Existence that faded with time and love, 

Smiles that I broke, 

Patches that someone new shared.
I am replaced. 

I am forgotten, 

I know that, 

I understand that, 

I do.


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