Mehfil main Teri hum na Rahay jo ghum toh nahi hai, ghum toh nahi hai. 

Qissay humari nazdeekion kay kum toh nahi hai, kum toh nahi hai. 

Every date has its own memory, 

Numbers that aren’t important but significant. 

A certain flash that lits up the dark end, 

Reminding of what it was years ago, 

The rain, 

The car, 

Cold dark night, 

Lost into each other’s eyes, 

Seeking something beyond this world, 

Followed by warm breaths, 

Shared within. 

Slowly closing their eyes and the world fades away, 

These moments are just a part of the memory, 

Something you can never relive, 

Keep them in the pocket of your heart and destroy yourself, 

You can never heal you if you can’t forgive, 

You can’t let go because you don’t want to grow. 

Punishing your own thoughts, 

Trapping the words that once meant the world to you. 

She may have become your everything that night, 

But she was never yours to claim? 

There are mornings with nothing but the memory of that night, 

Once beautiful but now haunting, 

Something that survived but changed its perceptive, 

The thoughts that woke you up with a smile once, 

Now welcomes you with shivers and burden. 

These are not words for hate, 

These are for the pain, the hurt and the unconditional love. 

For someone who did not understand what it meant. 

The heartache that might never end. 

It shall survive, you shall too. 

In the end you are still alive. 

You created these memories, store them. 

Somewhere you can’t find them, or simple just don’t look for them. 


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