Breath with no mean 

One day it’ll all be gone, There will be no leaves to tell the tale, 

Of you and me.

Maybe not even names attached. 

You’ll be somewhere in the world with your hispanic children, 

There will be no you and no me, 
I’d still be here,

Trapped with memories, 

Where you left me. 
There will be no trees engraved with our initials. 

You and me, 

Both to blame, 
We tore ourselves away, 

We made the world our greed, 

You still struggle for that greed, 
I still follow those steps to you, 

The never ending path, 

Stony but edgy in the end, 
The destination might not be the same anymore, 

But the journey itself is something. 
Full of pain and hurt and words, 

Something you might never know of, 

You can only see yours, 
That’s what matters the most, right? 

Maybe I’m stupid to still believe in that part of you. 

A part you killed years ago, 

A part that you buried when it was alive. 
Leaving me with something I call breathing with no meaning. 



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