There’s a friend of mine, Innocent but with a broken smile, 

A heart of glass, 

Fragile but clear, 

Full of thoughts, 

Unclear about words, 

Hope in her eyes, 

But the mind is restless. 
Doubting every inch of her, 

Also aware of herself. 
She’s not beautiful, 

She said, 

I never understood that statement. 

Was it a question? 

I never did. 
I never understood why she would even ask that, 

There’s a lot more beauty in her than anyone around her, 

I told her beauty can’t be defined,

Because I could never put my friend in words, 

I’d run out of them. 
Things that she should’ve known, 

I pity the people who see her everyday, 

They miss appreciating a person,

Every single day, 

A soul comparing to nothing,

A heart that defines purity, 

A love that only exist in desires, 

A smile that carries the weight of the world and lives in those tiny lips, 

Swinging sideways, 

A laughter that can be heard from miles, 

Thoughts that can take over any mind, 

Words that can touch any soul.
She is what she is, 

Lost in the world of demons. 

Nothing to offer, just love to give. 


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