On my condition 

I haven’t been able to talk to anyone in ages,There’s so much anger trapped inside of me, 

So many words dying to get out, 

So many tales to tell. 
I know they’re gonna take me back to where I was, 

But I don’t see myself getting forwards anyways, 

I’m still there, 

The same person I was a year ago, 

The darkness hasn’t changed a bit.  
Yes I laugh, 

Yes I act, 

But there’s no truth in that.

Not even a single day is happiness. 
I feel so trapped ever since, 

I have moments when I really want to talk. 

But I see nobody, 

Not even a single soul. 
I look at your picture and talk to it sometimes, 

Like a mad head, 

I sit here and try to call you, 

My hands tremble every time I dial, 

A million thoughts take over. 
I don’t want to maintain this anymore, 

I want to be free once again, 

Free again to call you and talk to you, 

I don’t want to torture myself anymore. 

The wrath that lies in, 

I want it to die. 

I want to live, 

But on my conditions 


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