They shared a moment 

I’ve dreamt of them a million times now, 
A little too much for my own good, 

I’ve seen them laying next to each other when there was nothing around, 
Staring into one another’s eye, 

His hand on her cheek, 

Scanning a way to reach within the skin, 

Finding peace in her massive eyes, 

Drooling by just looking at her pink naked lips. 
Her hand rest on his ribs, 

Eyes locked on the way he looks at her, 

Counting his breaths, 

Trying to coordinate with every single one of them. 
Thoughts of building a castle in the winds around, 

They share a moment. 
I’ve seen them around, 

I’ve seen them look, 

I’ve experienced them love, 

I’ve felt them become lovers. 
He stood behind her, 

She moved forward, 

His hand holding onto hers, 

Trying to grip like a kid who doesn’t want to let go, 

She stares at the path ahead, 

He stares at her back, 

Waiting for her to turn once, 

Droplets appear and fall on his cheeks, 

Eyes wide open, 

Waiting for her to see the pain, 

She keeps her back straight and her neck strong. 
I was there, 

Helpless as I am now, 

I saw it all, 

I saw when their fingers left the grip, 

I saw the hope in him shatter when her last finger left his hand. 

I saw her hide her mistakes and let him go. 

I heard the words they hurried that night. 
They shared a moment. 

Thoughts of pain and hope combined. 
He whispered to the memories she left, 

She talked to the thoughts she had. 

Separated by seven seas, 

Carrying something of one another. 
Years have passed, 

She kept him in a corner of her heart, 

He awaits, 

She moved with a pace he couldn’t cope, 

He stayed in those shared moments. 

She hides his existence somewhere no one can see, 

He hides behind his broken smile that reminds him every day. 
They shared a moment. 
I watched, 

I still do, 

I might lose the sight of her someday, 

But a close watch on him, 

After all, 

I did see them become strangers. 


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