Blame game 

Who is to blame? 

When they broke each other’s heart. 

Those promises were always meant to be broken. 

They knew that,

We knew that. 

Everybody did. 

There’s a gut in all of us, 

To define who we really are and what might be the consequence, 

Yet we go against all the odds to be with that one person, 

Someone we claim, love and then finally hate.  

I’ve always believed in destiny,love, companionship, 

As time passed, it changed my thought process, 

My perceptive, my faith. 

I no longer believe in promises, 

I no longer follow the steps of god, 

I no longer believe in the destination, 

I value the journey more. The path that leads us to us. 

No matter how much I deny, I still believe in love. 

Isn’t that whole idea of it? 

Because in the end we all change paths and destinations, 

We change to that someone new and again start from where we left.

What has changed, is nothing but a reflection of our true selves. 


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