Yet we dream

Dreams and dreams, 

Do you ever wonder what they are? 

What they mean? 

I don’t. 

All I know is that they bring happiness and sadness to our lives. 

We dream of dying, 

We dream of getting married without a face, 

We dream of our loved ones with someone else. 

Yet we dream. 

They are something that we never have control on, 

But something that reflects what hides in the back of our mind, 

The fear of losing,

The fear of death, 

The fear of love and life. 

Yet we dream. 

I sit here and ask you what’s your darkest dream? 

Some might get away with it, but some would take me to places I’ve never been before. 

Doesn’t mean they’re dark, 

They’re different and beautiful in their own way, 

Everyone of us is. 

I might not have fancy words to define what I mean, 

But I do try to know what they feel. 

And that’s how I dream of knowing you and everyone that circles around you. 

You are my dream, always. 

I tend to follow my dreams, do you? 


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