We try to look at the world with a different perceptive, 

By every means, 

Even if it means how others look at it, 

Ignoring the stones that lie beneath our feet, 

We just look up in the sky and the beauty that lies ahead, 

The heartwarming view of the true nature, 

The silence of the winds, 

Every breath a fresh intake, 

Driving all the sorrows away, 

In that brief moment we live, 

Then back to normal I guess,

Normal is what we call when we can’t breathe and suffocate ourselves with our thoughts, 

Look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll see something different everytime, 

Everytime there’s a new smile, 

Everytime there’s a new sadness in your eyes, 

Everytime there are new words to explain, 

But you’re still the same inside, 

Just letting go off the million emotional pieces that you’ve collected throughout the years. 


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