The calendar 

I don’t have a story to tell, 

Or maybe I don’t have the words to tell a tale, 

There’s a pain in every word, 

That strikes to you and me, 

Significance lies behind those words, 

Naked to us, 

Covered to the rest. 

Look at the calendar and you’ll see a few digits, 

You’re never alone, 

To some those digits are thoughts and to some they are memories, 

Digits that represent the fights, 

A few of them full of loving memories, 

Some of them might even have their sadness hidden in them, 

I see every digit as a dark side, 

In those single digits I see myself lonely and standing alone, 

Under the open sky, 

Full of memories and thoughts of you, 

Every date brings a new reminder of you. 

Then the double digits, 

Calculation of how we’re apart now, 

And how you’re away and unaware of me. 


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