The stage 

We’ll always have an audience. 

Sitting there looking at our lives, 

As we display and expose ourselves to them, 

We perform for them on that stage, 

A platform we all call the world, 

Gazing on every one of them, 

Just so hear them applause, 

To stop and feel and appreciate, 

We spot those empty seats and wonder what kept them, 

Maybe they have their own display somewhere. 

Disguising ourselves for validation, 

Hiding just so they can approve of the act. 

Some nights we are on the ramp, 

And some nights we fill in those empty seats for someone we know. 

Waiting to spot that one seat that stands up for you, 

Failing to understand why can’t we be our own audience and our own stage. 

Raise a chair for yourself once, 

They will follow. 


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