Valentines part 1

I never believed in this date and always thought it was a foolish act by a lot of people, 

And then I met her, who pretty much liked everything about Valentine’s Day, 

Maybe she was just looking for an excuse to be loved, I never really focused on the why in this. 

To me only mattered that it matters to her. 

I changed my thoughts over this, because they weren’t as important as her. 

That’s what I believed in. 

I still do sometimes. 

She liked the whole idea of people in this one day even of being special for love and all the other addicts to people. 

I played along just so I could earn a smile or a tear of joy from her. 

To be honest I’ve always been greedy of her smiles. 

They can do wonders. 

Light up anything, 

Change anything that I ever believed in. 

I became one of those people who would plan this day a month ago and try to make the best out of it. 

Going out of the reach of my pocket, 

Believing that she’s my true treasure and not the money that I earn. 

I thought that this I can make again, 

But I can’t make chances like these again. 

Let me tell you about a tale of how I did it and how it felt. 


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