Take a trip 

Sometimes take yourself back to places,take a trip down to memory lane. It doesn’t sound like a good plan but sometimes it’s something you need. Reminders. 

Drive down the road that you’ve filled with memories, go to bars and restaurants that remind of you someone and the moments you shared, listen to the songs that you sang for them. Lay on the bed that you once shared and relive the imagination of their body next to yours. 

People might not be the same anymore,you might not even know each other anymore, but the memories that you created years ago as one, they’re still there, will always be, now they exist in you as a part of you. And you can’t just take a part out of yourself. Love that part, cherish it. Make more out of it. 

They don’t have a significance in your life now, but they were your life at some point and your world. They’re nothing now but they were the light when it was dark, so what if the darkness is back again? There will be light again. Remember the times of what you were and what you became and what you are today. 

None of those moments were wasted, no time of yours went down the drain, its all there, filled with experiences and expectations and hit hard with realities. Making you stronger and weaker, recognizing the patterns of what you can do to yourself, destroy or rebuild. 

Reading motivational quotes isn’t gonna bring back anything, unless you create your own motivation for yourself and get back up. Life will go on. I know it can get hard, but you always knew it’s not going to be easy but you still took the risk. Take it again. Have some faith in yourself and follow the lead of your heart. 

So, take yourself back and then come back again. Take that trip and free yourself. Only you can and you will. 


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