I am what I am 

I see you in my dark times, 

I feel you when I’m hiding, 

I remember you when you’re here, 

I exist because of your pain, 

I follow because I’m lost, 

I create because I’m a shadow, 

I do a lot of things when I think about you, 

You never escape my thoughts, 

My raja beta,

As I would call you, 

When you were here, 

With me, 

But now you’re somewhere I can’t be, 

Now you’re someone I don’t know, 

Someone I can only look in my heart, 

Someone who’s alive in my memories, 

Stupid of me to keep you alive in my memories, 

When all you did was left me for your own good, 

I’m not mad at that, 

I’m not happy at that too, 

But I do punish myself with every passing day,

Of why I can’t move on like you did, 

Maybe because they were always words for you, 

And for me you were always you, 

Never thought beyond that. 


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