Let’s outcast those memories

Under the same theme 

Of demons and angels

Of love and hate. 
The same reoccurrence of thoughts

Introduced to seven different smiles

Followed by Infinite tears and pain. 
Let’s pick that burden and take it elsewhere 

Pack those bags of sorrow and leave 

To an unnamed destination 

A forgotten finish line. 
For what we know 

The night is still young and full of fears . 

Let’s lie back together 

Let the demons come 

Eyes wide open or deeply shut 

They will come. 

Existence of those faults will remain 

Accept or reject,

They will follow

Till your last breath.

Love or hate

They will blame

Till you’re on your knees. 
Let’s push those knees a little 

And stiffen that upper lip, 

Pick the pieces that we dropped. 
Not to claim, 

But they are our definitions. 

Trophies of our failures. 

Something you can label as “yours”. 
Let’s take them in,

Let’s make them breath again, 

Let’s please their desires. 



Gushing through this thoughts I realized how selfish he is and always has been. Maybe the world that we live in, everything and everyone is selfish. Yet some people believe that they’re different and they care for others. 

When the truth of the matter is that they’re all the same, always looking for something that’s satisfying to them. Even in helping others they have a reason behind it and that’s their reason. 

Going through his words, I saw a pattern, the same that was carried forward in all of them. Pain,anger,hate,love and what not. That’s when I realized that it was only words of what he thought of the world, and his perception of love. 

Never explained what others might have felt or experienced. Maybe he’s a narcissist too. The one who believes he’s not one of them. Yes,he’s been trapped in his own words abd feelings but not because somebody pushed him there. but because he wanted hinself there. he knew where they were taking him yeh he took those steps and introduced himself to those demons.

Not saying that he loved it, but there’s none to blame for it. He never thought of the people who he crushed in this process. He never will. Because in his thoughts and prayers he’s the victim. 

He might not see himself the same way but he will also never see others the same. And I don’t think they will either. I do not. 

Same theme 

Sometimes we live in the past and sometimes we just revolve around the same theme of our life. A part of us is scared to look beyond our reach and feel beyond what we have experienced. 

Over time that fear takes over us, leaving us with no choice but to follow the same patterns and as soon as we move around we start pointing fingers at the worst of that time.

Never truly involved but criticizing every inch of it. 

But that’s just a statement from me or maybe that’s how I feel about things. Doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody functions in that way.