Let’s outcast those memories

Under the same theme 

Of demons and angels

Of love and hate. 
The same reoccurrence of thoughts

Introduced to seven different smiles

Followed by Infinite tears and pain. 
Let’s pick that burden and take it elsewhere 

Pack those bags of sorrow and leave 

To an unnamed destination 

A forgotten finish line. 
For what we know 

The night is still young and full of fears . 

Let’s lie back together 

Let the demons come 

Eyes wide open or deeply shut 

They will come. 

Existence of those faults will remain 

Accept or reject,

They will follow

Till your last breath.

Love or hate

They will blame

Till you’re on your knees. 
Let’s push those knees a little 

And stiffen that upper lip, 

Pick the pieces that we dropped. 
Not to claim, 

But they are our definitions. 

Trophies of our failures. 

Something you can label as “yours”. 
Let’s take them in,

Let’s make them breath again, 

Let’s please their desires. 


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