Disguise of you 

In a world of disguise we exist, 

Under the shadow of reality we fade, 

Mistaken for sympathies to apologies, 

A lie that we live every day. 

For the stars that shine for us, 

Running through our veins,

Is the trembles that we fear, 

Decisions that we make in cold sweat. 

Leaving nothing but a mark, 

A scar, 

A symbol of the days we survived, 

Not with anyone but with ourselves. 

Since the day we recognized the sunlight, 

Taught by the teachers of life,

How to survive the cruelty of our beloved ones,

When under those grey marks, 

No one, 

Not even single soul, 

Warned us about the greatest battle, 

A war that you fight every day, 

With yourself. 

Within you like raging storm. 

Any battle could be won with peace, 

But the hostility in you can never be contained. 


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