She was but not anymore

She was a heart full of joy

A stream of love and purity

A cold breeze for a sunny day

A shadow for the bright lights,

Precious as a rare stone in a desert,

She was everything that a heart can ask for,

beautiful to touch,

charismatic to every soul around,

A smile to die for,

She was like a beautiful painting in a museum that you can stare at for hours,

but never claim,

she is there,

so are we,

she was once mine,

but now she’s not.

i still owe my everything to her.

always will.




Most Beautiful

I’ve always described you as the most beautiful part of my life. I never really got a chance to explain myself the beauty of it and you.

I’ve tried on every single dark night, but somehow I always fail to gather the words. Memories have always been alive and to be fair I’ve been counting them everyday, even the bad ones. Some days they’re beautiful and some days they’re just a pinch that jerks the whole body to your soul. Overall a feeling you can’t compare with anything.

Now that I’m finally out there on my own and without you and your words. The only person who knows me now is me and no one else. There’s a better judgement of everything and I can proudly say once again that I’ve never met anyone like you and probably never will. Nothing to do with my love for you. But generally as a person too. You truly are one of the greatest power I’ve ever seen, someone who can turn around anything in this world. Your Smile can do wonders that you do not know of.

Stay beautiful, and stay blessed, and keep smiling forever and ever. May all be with you. now and till the end of times. I love you to bits.

Every single day 

For the longest time I’ve been fighting with myself

A never ending war for someone 

Someone who doesn’t want me

Maybe I’m not suppose to exist in their life 

Wishing there was a stop button to end it all 

The misery that I live in every single day 

Thoughts that I carry with every memory of us 

It will never be true and it will never be enough 

It was a fantasy that I lived 

Hoping it will happen again but it never will

For you and me are apart now 

More than forever 

You have you and I have you 

Caught up in my moments to the extent 

That I don’t need you now anymore 

I live with what you left me with 

I cherish them every night

Smile at whatever I remember 

Cry at whatever I feel

Curse at whatever hurts

A battle that I fight for myself with myself 

Every single day 

Music that still haunts me 

It might never end 

I might never recover 

But I’ll always love you sweetheart 

As I have I’ve never loved someone so deeply 

Keep me alive in a corner of your heart 

And I shall die peacefully in my misery 

Beyond the disaster 

In the death of lies I saw you

The most beautiful lie of my life 

Hiding behind the cracking glass

Wanting to shatter 

Contained in a shell 

Never have I seen something so beautiful 

So precious 

Full of flaws 

And yet undefined 

My jaw drops as I witness you 

Breaking those bonds 

That held you for years 

For she was the strongest bond within herself 

A morning that ends your darkness. 

A light that gives you reason. 

Beyond this world of disasters. 


Another year for that beautiful journey of yours, 

Much has passed,

Much has to come, 

You’ve seen some, 

You’ll see more, 

Keep the smile, 

Move your feet, 

Prayers for you, 

Never stopped and never will, 

You deserve more than life itself, 

I wish to see you grow, 

See you smile, 

May you get everything that your heart desires, 

All my prayers and wishes are for you, 

Wherever you are, 

I wish the best of the best for you, 

Nothing less than perfection, 

Because you are nothing less than perfect. 

Happy birthday my jaan. 

May you have the best time of your life. 

May all your dreams come to life, 

May all your fears disappear. 

With all my love and hopes, 

May you find what you seek. 

Days when 

There are days when I want to run back to everything that I knew. 

Days when a presence of someone made me feel alive, 

When I did not know the fears that I counter today, 

Times when there was more faith in hopes and dreams, 

Still a dreamer but weakened in the bed of time, 

Run back to the moments when a smile or a gaze would change perceptions. 

Thoughts that live 

You can be anything you want to be. You can think of whatever you want to. Even if they’re the most useless things in life. Even if they have no meaning for anyone or for yourself. Your thoughts and they matter. Every single one of them. They’re fragile for anyone to touch. But still they manage to fit in a mansion of your brain. 

Sometimes it’s okay to not know them or understand them, not all of those thoughts are meant to be understood right away. Sooner or later they’ll come up with a meaning. I know they’re powerful and sometimes drift all over your body and take control of you. But someday they’ll all slip away. It just a matter of time and a touch. Doesn’t matter if it’s from you or someone else. You are blessed anyway.


Some are just not meant to love, for some every relationship is love and every moving partner is a companion. That is the truth that we deny. People like her forget that there’s no end to this wanting. People like me don’t remember that there’s no end to this defeat.